Property buyers agent – 5 differences they make

If you have never used a property buyers agent, before spend a few minutes educating yourself about the property buying process and the 5 differences a property buyers agent can make to your next property search and purchase.

We believe that buyers deserve the very best service when making their purchase. Using a property buyers agent achieves this and addresses the imbalance of the property buying process.

  1. A Property buyers agent will search the whole market

    If you don’t know a property is for sale how can you even consider it? The fact is most of the best properties are sold long before reaching a website or newspaper. As an established property buyers agent our connections are unrivalled. We are in contact with all main estate agents and also know where private sellers seek prospective buyers from.

    A property search with a property buyers agent is as thorough as it gets!

  2. A Property buyers agent will save you time and hassle

    Looking for that right property is time consuming:

    • Endless hours of searching on the internet or paging through media
    • Viewing houses that are patently unsuitable for your needs
    • Driving around Sunday afternoons looking at show houses
    • Negotiating with and contacting relevant parties
    • Researching pricing and legal terminology

    Your property buyers agent, SAHomeBuyers, takes care of all this for you. We only introduce suitable properties. Viewings are according to your schedule and always accompanied. We are there with all our expertise and experience to guide you on price and terms and conditions.

  3. A Property buyers agent will save you money

    Most of us are not property experts so how do we know what is a fair price to pay? SAHomeBuyers has not only the experience and the negotiating skills. but also the industry tools to help you pay a fair price for your new property. We take the emotion out of negotiating and are unashamedly biased towards getting you, the buyer, the best deal.

  4. A Property buyers agent will help save expensive mistakes

    Again most of us are not property experts. We do not have engineering degrees and most likely have to rely on gut feeling, or the agent or owner to show us any defects or issues with the property. SAHomeBuyers team of property buyers agents are on your side. We look for the bad things and the problem areas. We advise where we think extra surveys need to be done. We let you know about any problems that may relate to the area the property is in. We help you to avoid expensive mistakes by providing honest information that is biased towards you the buyer.

  5. A Property buyers agent will assist with the offer to purchase

    It is very normal for buyers to be expected to complete the offer to purchase (OTP) document with the selling agent. This OTP is a legally binding agreement with a clause in it that waives many of your rights – the sold as seen clause.

    With any contract it is also about what is not in it. If no suspensive conditions are specified at this stage it is to late once the offer is accepted. All OTP’s are thoroughly checked and completed in conjunction with us and our retained attorneys. Peace of mind for you and the correct legal advice your transaction deserves.

Contact a property buyers agent

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