Property consultant – who uses their services

Just who does use the services of a property consultant to purchase their property? Many of our best clients always thought the answer was someone else, until they used our services.

Property consultant myths

  • “You are an expense I can do without”– in fact SAHomeBuyers saves its clients money in 99% of cases, in effect making its service free of charge.
  • “You only deal with properties that cost millions and millions of rands” – whilst we do represent a number of buyers purchasing top end properties, as a property consultant, we have also assisted many buyers from 2million rand upwards.
  • “The agent appointed to sell the property will look after me” – whilst there is a moral and legal obligation from the selling agent to act ethically towards the buyer, do not mistake this for acting in your, the buyers, interests. The selling agent is legally obliged to obtain the best price and terms and conditions for the seller. Only a property consultant acting for the buyer will act in your interests.
  • “SAHomeBuyers are just estate agents” – we are licensed and qualified estate agents but this is where the similarity ends. We stock no property for sale and as a property consultant acting for the buyer can access all listed property whether through an agent or privately.

Who uses SAHomeBuyers as their property consultant?

We deal with buyers from all walks of life but our services are of particular use to:

  • Foreign buyers – our expert local knowledge ensures the foreign buyer suffers no disadvantage. Our additional services including immigration, banking, foreign exchange and insurance. As SAHomeBuyers we provide a one stop shop for all the needs of an international buyer.
  • Local relocators – increasingly our clients are South Africans relocating to Cape Town. Once again our local knowledge is irreplaceable. As we stock no properties our independent advice means the right house in the right area at the right price.
  • Developers and investors – Usually looking for a very specific type of property. The type of property that either does not make the internet or newspapers, or indeed maybe is sold more discreetly. Our strong connection in the property sector and proven search techniques allows us to conduct the search on your behalf and to very precise specifications. Leaving you to focus on your business or other investments whilst we employ our resources on your behalf.
  • Holiday home buyers – the Western Cape remains a very popular spot for both South Africans and foreigners to search for a holiday home. As your property consultant you can rely us on us to know which areas are popular, which areas stand the best chance of capital appreciation and indeed also where they are easily rented for additional income.
  • Busy people – and also people with better things to do than spend hours searching the internet contacting agents and scouring newspapers. Let SAHomeBuyers, as your property consultant, conduct the tedious work to your exact requirements, whilst you spend your time on the important task of choosing your new home.
  • Client who have used the services of a property consultant before – Put simply once you have worked with a property buyers consultant you will never want to go back to the old hit and miss way of buying property.

Not convinced about property consultants?

At SAHomeBuyers we don’t employ salespeople, we employ property consultants. If you remain unconvinced about using a property consultant and the role they can play in your next purchase, its because we have not done a good job of explaining the benefits. For this we apologise. There is no doubt a good buyers consultant will add tremendous value to your purchase so contact one and see for yourself. We hope you contact SAHomeBuyers.

Contact an SAHomeBuyers Property Consultant by  email here or by phoning + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.