Obtaining a Bond (Mortgage) in South Africa

What is a bond?

A bond is commonly known as a “mortgage” in many countries, and the world bond more commonly assocaited with investments. In South Africa a bond refers to a home loan. A bond is simply a loan made by a third party, typically a bank, to the owner or prospective owner of a property.

How SAHomeBuyers can help you obtain a bond

SA HomeBuyers works with one of Cape Towns premier independent bond origination providers. Their experts will complete an application form with you and also guide you through the best type of mortgage and the associated costs.

They submit your bond application to the 4 major South African banks and then negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible rate and conditions. The service is totally free of charge to our clients as the banks remunerate the originator directly.

When you might need a bond?

House Purchase

Many people are unable to purchase a South African property out of their own saving,s so require a loan in order to finance the purchase. An application is made to a bank/ banks to gain an initial agreement to loan and obtain an interest rate. Once you are happy with the rate, the selected bank is informed and the verification process of income and the valuation of the property take place. If all the banks requirements are met, the loan is applied for by the appointed solicitor, who will use the funds to complete the house purchase.

NB When this is the case, obtaining of a suitable bond should be set out as one the suspensive conditions of any offer to purchase that is made.

Debt Consolidation

Often a bond represents the cheapest access to capital, via a loan, that a homeowner can take. In the event that the homeowner has built up debt at high interest rates it may be possible to release some of the equity in their property to repay these debts. The process followed is very similar to that of house purchase but obviously in this instance the house is already owned.

NB Care should be taken when choosing this route and professional financial advice sought due to the fact you may be extending the term of your debt and therefore the costs. Also you may be turning an unsecured loan into a secure one.

Purchase of an additional property

With the advent of large increases in the value of property in South Africa many homeowners have large amounts of equity built up in their properties. This equity may be released (subject to a lenders approval) and subsequently used as a deposit or indeed to fully finance the purchase of a second property, possibly for investment purposes or a holiday home.

NB Care should always be taken and advice sought as to the feasibility and costs involved with this prior to making a decision.

Home Improvements

Many of us purchase property with a view to improving or extending it. Equity can be released in property in order to finance any improvements (subject to a lenders approval).

Overseas Clients

Overseas clients should note that non-residents can only obtain financing of up to 50% of the property purchase price as per the current exchange control rules. However, once a permit is obtained for temporary residence in South Africa – whether this is for work or retirement purposes – this limit is increased to 75%. In some instances, we have managed to obtain higher amounts for our clients.

For you free and no obligation consultation, contact one of our Cape Town property consultants. We will be delighted to talk you through any questions you many have regarding obtaining a bond and explain our service to you.

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