Property Buyers Consultant – the benefits to you

Most purchasers of property use the services of an estate agent, but why use one who is obliged to get the best price, terms and conditions for the seller? SAHomeBuyers is Cape Towns leading property buyers consultant. Discover how using a Property Buyers Consultant can
save you, the buyer, time, money and stress!

Spend a few minutes learning why buyers of property in the USA, Australia and UK consider the services of a property buyers consultant to be an integral part of the house purchase process.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Property Buyers Consultant:

Time Efficiency

Cape Town real estate agency - buy propertyEstate agents are paid a commission to market properties on behalf of a seller. Understandably if you approach an estate agent, it is usually only the properties that they are being retained to sell that they will show you. There are literally thousands of estate agents in Cape Town, there is simply no way you can be in touch with them all. In addition there are a number of sellers who select to try and sell thier properties privately to save costs.

A property buyers consultant, after thoroughly understanding your needs, will conduct the initial search on your behalf. As an independent property buyers consultant, SAHomeBuyers is able to access all listed properties for sale in Cape Town, both private and via estate agents. This saves you time and means a more thorough search that supplies you with more choice.

The right Cape Town property

Cape Town property - real estate agencyEstate agents are paid to sell property – If there is no sale there is no fee – It is you the buyer they have to convince to view and buy.

The above are all correct statements and exactly what an estate agent should be doing, but that does not help you the buyer.

SAHomeBuyers, as your appointed property buyers consultant, is paid and retained to act in your interests. This means finding you the right property, not selling you one.

A Stress Free process

Cape Town real estate - homes for sale
Of course it’s a very big decision, but buying a property should still be fun! All to often it is not! As your dedicated property buyers consultant we will guide you through the steps of property buying (budgeting, search, offer, legalities and moving in). In addition we are also able to guide and assist with any support services you may need including solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, insurance, tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers. Our role is to be your first port of call for any query, problem or advice – leaving you to enjoy the whole house purchase process and look forward to moving in.

Expert Advice on your team

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Remember SAHomeBuyers is a property buyers consultant – we work for you, the purchaser. Our role is to provide our expertise throughout the entire buying process. We are fully on your team to ensure you get the best property, the best price and fairest terms and conditions.

Professional legal representation

Cape Town realestate - Hout Bay property saleThe seller has the selling agent and an appointed attorney of their choice (ironically although the attorney is appointed by the seller, it is you the buyer who pays the bill). The buyer, is left to their own devices. At SAHomeBuyers we believe strongly that the buyer is entitled to as much advice, expertise and legal support as the seller. Not only do you benefit from the expertise of our trained property buyers consultant, but also, our retained attorney who checks all offer to purchase agreements as well as the title deeds.

Buy property at the best possible price

Cape Town realestate - buy Cape Town property

Equipped with industry tools, historical data and local knowledge we negotiate the price on your behalf. In the vast majority of cases we have saved clients significant amounts of money.

Benefit from local knowledge

Cape Town property buyers consultantMany buyers simply lack the ‘locality’ that provides them with an in-depth knowledge of the Cape Town property market. As trained and registered professionals it is our teams role to know, understand and be expert in the areas they work in.

Learn more about using a Property Buyers Consultant. For you free and no obligation consultation, contact one of our Cape Town Property Consultants and discover what a difference using a property buyers consultant can make for you.

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