Property in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most sought after destinations for the international property buyer. With SAHomeBuyers you can access all the best property in Cape Town with just one point of contact.

Added risk for the international buyer?

Most of our international buyers of property in Cape Town, are entering into new territory. The purchase of any property of course requires time, care and diligence, but the risks associated with ‘getting it wrong’ increase tremendously when purchasing property abroad.

  • This is Africa – The biggest mistake that buyers of international properties make is thinking that the process is the same as in their homeland. When buying property in Cape Town its is essential to know about the associated costs and legal differences. Property in Cape Town represents a fantastic lifestyle and potential investment opportunity but it also contains pitfalls that you need to be aware of.
  • Clever financing – Exceeding your budget for your property in Cape Town. It is important to factor in all the extra costs to your budget. On average 8 – 10% of the purchase price, should be allowed for (in addition to the purchase price of your property in Cape Town), items such as tax, legal fees and other costs. You may also need to consider exchange rates and any exchange control regulations. The topic of financing, where required, can also be a tricky one as you decide whether to raise the money locally in South Africa or in your home country.
  • Legal representation – Do you know the South African property law? If not consider that without the services of a buyers consultant you will be reliant on the selling estate agent and the sellers appointed attorney for all your legal and expert guidance on your purchase of property in Cape Town.
  • Taxation – not understanding the implications of the South African tax system. How the return on your property in Cape Town may be effected negatively by the tax treatment on rental, growth or in death.
  • Peace of mind with the right insurance – Again a common mistake where international buyers do not have local contacts, insight of local insurance regulations and/or knowledge of rebuild costs.
  • Prevention of overpaying -A very common occurrence for members of the international community that acquire property in Cape Town.

How can SAHomeBuyers help with your purchase of property in Cape Town

SAHomeBuyers is Cape Towns premier buyers consultancy, we have have been assisting foreign buyers of property in Cape Town since 2005 and are proud that our name has become synonymous with the international buyer.

The below table demonstrates just how we differ from your normal selling agent:

Buyers agent Estate agent
Does not sell property Sells property
Negotiates the best price for the buyer Retained by sellers to get the highest price possible price
Access to all properties for sale Access to property for sale they have in stock
Independent Promotes their agency
Fully licensed Fully licensed
Buyer biased Seller biased


In short we work for you, the international buyer. Protecting your interests and being firmly on your side as you go through the process of searching and securing a property in Cape Town.

Our property in Cape Town service step by step

  1. Understanding what you are looking for – We commence our service by gaining a thorough understanding of the type of property in Cape Town you wish to acquire. This consultative process also includes any introductions to areas, budgeting and costs.
  2. Thorough property search – When we begin the search for property in Cape Town we ensure that all potential areas have been considered. We talk to you about amenities, location, schooling, accessibility – all the things go into making the area you live in right for you and your families needs.
  3. Expert advice – We attend all viewings, pointing out the good and the bad and giving you an impartial opinion.
  4. We, together with our attorney, formulate all offer to purchase documents. This means independent legal expert counsel on the most important document that contains all the terms and conditions.
  5. Market analysis – Our market analysis will guide us to the correct price to offer for the property in Cape Town and our trained negotiators will act on your behalf to try and secure the purchase at the keenest price.
  6. Smoothing handover – We continue to pro actively communicate with all parties in the sale to ensure a smooth buying and handover process.
  7. Assistance moving in – We assist our foreign buyers with areas they may not be familiar with such connectivity, utilities, local customs and home help.

Our services extend further into areas that make us unique for the foreign buyer

  • Permits and Visas – our sister company Intergate is South Africa’s leading independent immigration consultant. Our clients enjoy a free consultation that can cover all permit and visa needs that you may require.
  • Financial Matters – Incompass Financial Solutions is our in-house financial services provider. They are able to guide and assist you on:
  • Transferring money and exchange control regulations
  • The various insurances including house and medical
  • Private banking
  • International tax advice
  • Company set up (for those wishing to commence business in South Africa)

Buying a property in Cape Town is so much more than a simple selection process. Mistakes can turn that dream purchase into a nightmare, sometimes irreversible. There is a reason why people sometimes use independent experts (when making large purchases or needing legal assistance), buying a property in Cape Town should be one of those times. Using the services of SAHomeBuyers gives you all the required facts to make informed decisions about your purchase of property in Cape Town as well as a service tailor made for the international buyer. Email us here or phone + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.