Investment property in Cape Town

Buying an investment property in Cape Town for sure has its pro’s and cons. There are undoubtedly some great opportunities but also some great risks as well.

Investment property in Cape Town  – is it a good investment?

The merits of investing into property is a much debated topic. Every argument for investing into property can be countered by one that is against. There are plenty of success stories of people that have made lots of money in investment property in Cape Town, but there are also a great many who have lost money as well.

SAHomeBuyers makes no pretence that we are a financial investment advisor. We do not structure portfolios of different investments or advise you on your pension planning. Howeverm we do know that a diverse portfolio is recommended by 99% of all advisers and that property can play its role in this.

Our role is when you have made the decision to buy an investment property in Cape Town. No one is better placed than SAHomeBuyers to help you find the right one.

Why use SAHomeBuyers for buying your investment property in Cape Town?

There are a number of reasons why SAHomeBuyers are the better choice for the would be buyer of  investment property in Cape Town:

  • Our independent search that covers both estate agent listed and private properties for sale
  • The fact we stock no houses enabling us to give frank and honest feedback with no bias towards any particular property
  • Our negotiating power
  • Our bias towards you the buyer and legal assistance
  • The fact we will sit with you to budget and to establish growth and/or income returns required
  • Our relationships with property finance experts to secure you great advice and competitive rates

All great reasons in there own right. But for investment property there are 3 really important reasons why SAHomeBuyers are your obvious choice:

1.  The best investment property in Cape Town is never advertised for sale?

Whether it is a discreet sale or simply one offered to buyers registered with the selling agent, the best investment properties are snapped up before they are even posted on a website or adveretised in the newspapers.

Estate agents will contact SAHomeBuyers when opportune investment properties come up as they know we have a client base of ongoing property investors. We help the agent in finding a buyer quickly and on some occassions even to secure a mandate. Using the services of SAHomeBuyers means getting to hear about investment property in Cape Town that you would normally not.

2.  Timing

If you have made the decision to purchase investment property in Cape Town, it’s not as simple as going out this weekend and securing the best property. Good investment property in Cape Town is not always available and furthermore there is a lot of competition from other buyers also searching. In short you will not be the only one looking.

By mandating SAHomeBuyers, we search for up to an initial 6 month period of time to find that ideal investment property in Cape Town for you. You don’t have to scour the newspapers and internet, be friendly towards scores of estate agents hoping they ring you or spend Sundays driving around Cape Town.

Leave it to us to search and find your perfect investment property in Cape Town. We will call you as soon as we do for viewing.

3.  No emotion

Investors into investment property in Cape Town are often quoted as saying it does not matter if you like the property or not and to some extend this is true. Certainly the criteria for buying an investment property is totally different to that of buying a property to live in.

Emotion can play a role when buying an investment property and a decision to buy can be made more on ‘I like it’ than ‘it’s a good investment’. In addition price negotiations are paramount. Whilst overpaying on a residential property can be compensated by your love of living there, overpaying on a investment property in Cape Town is a disaster and defeats the whole objective of the purchase.

Our trained negotiators will, to be blunt, pay hard ball. Whether you buy this investment property in Cape Town or a different one matters not to us, what matters is that you have truly purchased an investment property in Cape Town and not a spare residential home.


Most of us seek professional help with our investments. Be it in the form of an advisor or a share subscription/analysis or industry professional. Your investment property in Cape Town may well be one of your biggest investments – does it not deserve similar expert guidance?

To discuss your requirements for investment property in Cape Town either email us here or telephone our investment property in Cape Town specialist Marco Garuti on + 27 (0) 83 265 8800.