Buying Property in Cape Town

Buying property in Cape Town represents a wonderful lifestyle and a great investment opportunity. But of course  it is not without its risks. The South African buying process sees the buyer left isolated and with no indepedent representation.

Consider the below risks and how a buyers consultant can assist you in circumventing them when buying property in Cape Town.

Never having seen the full selection

  • Estate agents only show the properties they have for sale and to visit every Cape Town estate agent is virtually impossible. A google search for Cape Town Estate Agents shows there are literally thousands yopu would need to be in touch with.
  • Newspapers have pages and pages of properties for sale in no particular order and private sellers use any number of avenues to promote their properties.

The reality is that you will most likely not get to consider even a small percentage of the options for buying property in Cape Town.

Our search may commence with every intent of researching all the areas,contacting all the estate agents and discovering all the private sellers. This can however become a monotonous and time consuming process especially as our excitement is focused on the outcome of actually buying property in Cape Town.

Cape Town real estate agency - buy property

Buying property in Cape Town with no legal input into the offer to purchase


  • 98% of all offer to purchase agreements are pre printed by the estate agent, with small areas left blank to fill in.
  • The overwhelming majority, if not all, offer to purchase agreements, have a sold as seen clause in them, thus removing many of your rights
  • Cooling off periods are very rare in these agreements
  •  You complete it with no indpendent legal counsel, often your only help is the selling estate agent
  •  You may not be familiar with all the terminology and clauses
  •  You may be unaware of suspensive conditions you should include

Consider further:

  • The estate agent works for the seller and is mandated to get the best price, terms and conditions for the seller
  • This is likely the largest financial transaction you will be investing into
  • That this may be your family home and a large part of it’s happiness
  • Whether you can afford to get it wrong?

Consider last of all:

  • When buying property in Cape Town don’t you deserve to have expert assistance supporting you.

Price negotiations?

  • Estate agents are skilled negotiators. They are trained and practised at obtaining the very highest price for their clients – the sellers.
  • An even bigger idiosyncrasy is that with nowhere else to turn to for help, it is quite normal that a buyer will discuss his/her prospective offer with the selling agent.

How we help?

  • As skilled negotiators we can, and do, save our buyers considerable sums of money.
  • With over 7 years experience in the Cape Town property market, and having negotiated 100’s of property transactions, your personal buyers’ agent is expertly placed to negotiate a discounted price on your behalf.
  • Being experienced property professionals, we know the tricks of the trade used by estate agents on unsuspecting buyers. We provide an objective and unbiased view on the properties true worth and remove the emotion from the buying process.

Let us negotiate the price on your behalf and potentially save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rands.

Buy with confidence and pay the right price every time!

Buying Property in Cape Town

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