Buying a Cape Town Property – Tips

Buying a Cape Town Property? Below are 8 valuable tips to help you ensure you find the right property and the right price!

1. Be aware of your limitations and get professional help where needed – For many of us the experience of buying a Cape Town Property is fairly new and we are entering an area we could not describe ourselves as experts in.

Often people will spend longer looking for a new car than they do when looking at buying a Cape Town Property. Further, they will have this car checked by experts such as the AA to ensure its roadworthiness.

With property many proceed quite blindly. Not knowing the South African property law and processes. A huge risk when making such a massive investment.

2. Know the role players – Estate agents are there to do a job, a job they do very well. This job is to sell property. They are obliged to get the highest price and most favourable terms and conditions for the seller (who is paying them to do so). Asking them for advice on things like price is not the best way to negotiate.

Only a Property Buyers consultant appointed by you, will work for you, on your behalf and in your interests when buying a Cape Town Property

3. Budget – There are many costs associated with buying a Cape Town Property other than the purchase price. Make sure you are aware of all the costs before finalising your budget, you do not want any nasty surprises later.

4. Consider the location – It remains the golden rule, get the location right. Viewing properties when we are looking at buying a Cape Town Property is of course exciting and we want to leap in. First though, time should be spent looking at all the areas you might consider. Perhaps visit the local amenities, if you have children check out the schools and maybe speak to someone who lives there. Visit the area at different times of the day and draw up your area short-list before jumping into looking at properties.

5. Do not just look at listed properties with estate agents – In these economic time, many sellers are trying to sell privately amd save on selling fees. Make sure your search is all encompassing and not narrowed to 1 or 2 agents. If so you may well not even get to consider buying a Cape Town Property that could have been ideal.

6. Make sure you have legal help – On one side of the table we have the seller, the estate agent and the attorney. On the opposing side we have, well, just you the buyer.

Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Offer to purchase agreements must be checked by attorneys working for you prior to submitting your offer. Within the offer to purchase agreement insert a suspensive condition that your own independent attorney must be granted rights to view all paper work associated with the purchase and that the sale is only valid on the condition that your attorney is happy with the title deed.

7. If you are not sure get an inspection – It is only when completing your offer to purchase that you can insert conditions referring to surveys and the such like. For example if you see cracks, or are worried about where the house is situated or maybe you just want peace of mind, insert a suspensive condition regarding a satisfactory survey.

8. Beware the finance clause – Often the offer to purchaser document commits you to allowing the estate agent to help arrange your financing for you buying a Cape Town Property. They may be very good, they may not. The point is that it should be your choice not your obligation.

Buying a Cape Town Property the SAHomeBuyers way

Of course the whole purpose of employing the services of a property buyers consultant is to negate these risks.

SAHomeBuyers, since its inception in 2005, rapidly became Cape Towns premier buyers consultants. When it comes to buying a Cape Town Property you can be assured of our diligence, care and professionalism.

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